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Saturday, 5 January 2013

The great European adventure of 2012

Emma and Matty in Europe 2012
Matty and I (he's the one with facial hair) in an awesome London diner

Until July of 2012, I hadn't had a holiday for three years. I'd had a maximum of one week off work in that time and it was beginning to show. When you start answering the phone like Lurch you know it's time to take a break.

We booked six weeks leave and flights to Europe. In and out of Paris with many stops in between: Berlin, Gallipoli, Rome, Villaverla, Barcelona and London. It was Matt's first time in Europe, my third. Though, with 42 days to relax it didn't feel like we were rushed at any point. We both had family and friends to catch up with along the way, mostly London and Villaverla.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll post a series on our time in Europe: the fun, the laughter, the tears and the FOOD. There were highs (climbing the Eiffel Tower [highs, geddit?], home-style Italian feasts and hidden London bars) and lows (wrong airports, scary driving experiences, sweltering hotel rooms) and the just plain bizarre (mostly other tourists). We can't wait to get back there.

I'll also give you the lowdown on some amazing places to eat, stay and visit. And if she would let me, I'd offer the services of my amazing friend Nadia to show you around London. If there's one woman that could single-handedly run Tourism London, it's this lady.

Nadia and Emma in London
My beautiful friend Nadia and I in one of the amazing hidden bars she showed us - whattagal

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