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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sugar cane juice cocktail

Sugar cane cocktail

Our Bennetto Christmas this year was not a terribly alcoholic one. My Mum normally opts out after one glass and Alex, my brother's gorgeous girlfriend, will also have a couple but not much more. So when it came to fancy drinks, I needed to think a little harder than my usual routine of "Plonk a couple of bottles of wine on the table". I also needed to be prepared. There was the year we ran out of suitable drinks and my brother and I invented out first cocktail: The Volvo. A mixture of vermouth and Solo, it was a barely passable, dry second rate cocktail. Never to be repeated (though at the time, we thought we were on a winner).

Our visit to the Fairfield market proved fruitful. A little stall was set up with an assortment of flavoured sugar cane juices. Ginger, lemon and lemon lime were all amazing. Lemon had the edge - I knew it would pair well with any white spirit for those that drank, but was tasty enough without alcohol.

I filled a large jug with a tray of ice cubes. In went one litre of lemon sugar cane juice and the same of soda water. Some slices of lemon were thrown in and no mint whatsoever (I had intended to buy mint but forgot. This is the last we'll speak of the Forgotten Mint, m'kay?) It was delicious without (but we all know it would have been better included).

Sugar cane cocktail

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