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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What's in the box? Not Gwyneth Paltrow's head!


Biscuits! Cookies! Little drops from heaven!

Before we begin, I trust you have all seen Seven and don't think I'm some kind of macabre beast after that title. This week it's all about biscuits. I'm in a sweety-treaty kinda mood and nothing gets me going like the crunch of a biscuit with my morning cuppa joe.


If you are a bit of a mental biscuit-baking fanatic like me, you might choose to whip up several types in one afternoon. The cute little box shown here is from Martha Stewart. It's great for displaying a few varieties at once.

If you're keen to get baking this week, you'll need to stock up on eggs, flour, sugar (brown, caster and icing) and butter. There'll be a few other ingredients along the way, but they're your basics.

You'll get to see a few different techniques here: macaroons, freezer-dough and a basic sugar cookie. These are flexible recipes you can decorate as you heart desires (if your heart desires such frivolous things). Heck, you could even decorate an oval sugar cook with a stencil of Gwyneth's face. I'm not here to judge.


  1. Ha! After so many sweet pictures, that headline jumped out at me. Hilarious. Had to see what was in the box!

    1. Ha! I'm relieved to see people understood it and didn't just think I was a maniacal writer!