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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Boxing Day round up

Christmas was a hoot this year. The weekend before Christmas I spent the day with my mum, brother and his girlfriend. We lolled about eating, drinking and soaking our feet to stave off the hot Melbourne summer.

The big day was spent with Matt’s family in Yackandandah. With all his nieces and nephews around the day flew by with a flurry of wrapping paper and tinsel. We ate the usual: every type of roasted meat under the sun and an amazing array of vegetables and salads. Plum pudding was served with the annual warnings of death by botulism for poorly steamed puddings (possibly the first and only time you’ll read about botulism in a Christmas post).

There were a couple of highlights from the Yack Christmas: a bad-dressed Santa made an appearance on the roof and the kids went bananas for a new slip-and-slide. Matt and I (the bad aunt and uncle) introduced the kids to water bombs and a couple of well-timed lobs soaked guests and departing cars. There's no greater joy.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmases this year. I’ve loved starting the blog and sharing my festive treats with you guys – can’t wait to share more throughout the next year!

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