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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A very Bennetto Christmas

This weekend my brother Paul, his girlfriend Alex and my Mum celebrated Christmas at my house in Melbourne. It's been busy, crazy and stressful year but we've all managed to keep our heads above water and smiles on our faces. It's hard to keep a Bennetto from laughing.

We called my sister Sarah in the middle of lunch, a Christmas tradition in our house. We normally catch her at about 2am in London but her life as a fabulous comedian (comedienne? I don't know what the PC term is these days. She tells jokes, all right?) lends itself well to early morning calls. This year we bettered bonbon jokes with these pearlers:

Q: Why did the mechanic fall asleep under the car?
A1: He was spannered
A2: His name was Jack
A3: He was exhausted
A4: He was tyred
Real Answer: He wanted to get up oily in the morning

Q: Why would the blimp not stop talking?
A: Because he's a gas bag
Real answer: there is none, it's a totally made up joke. Can you tell?

Yep, I went there. Homemade bonbon jokes.

To summarise our day, music was a mix of favourites from us all. Alex (Paul's sweet and polite girlfriend) suggested Christmas with the Devil from Spinal Tap. We obliged. The rest of the day was Marvin Gaye, Cold Chisel and Talking Heads - no Mariah ballads in this town, I'm afraid.

Gorgeous platter, a gift from my lovely friend Melanie, from Dinosaur Designs
Our menu was mostly greens and protein. Before you jump to the conclusion that we're following some fadish southern Californian diet, the food consisted of:

* Turkey breast stuffed with brown rice and sausage
* Carved ham
* Roast potatoes
* Crumbed goats cheese with lettuce and radishes
* Agro-dolce shallow-fried zucchini and squash
* Broad bean, pea and asparagus salad with basil

and for dessert:

* icecream plum pudding and
* peach and raspberry frangipane tart

Beautiful bowl from Bison

Enjoy Christmas everyone. Do as we did: chill in the heat (or cold in the northern hemisphere), make the most of time off with your peeps and eat waaaay too much. Tis the season.

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