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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Brown paper gift bags

I’ve been in my current job since April. I manage eight pretty excellent people. They made me feel welcome from day one so for our end of year celebrations I went nutso with Christmas cheer.

Planning began a few weeks ago, researching and tweaking recipes to come up with the ultimate foodie gifts. I’d leave the office, rush home and begin baking. It's safe to say my obsession with Christmas food has reached new, unhealthy highs of late. Panforte, gingerbread men, roasted nuts, icecream plum pudding, peanut brittle – my five Christmas food groups.

The best way to present these gifts was a simple brown paper bag. Roughly folded halfway down, and a handmade tag fastened with ribbon. The tags were personalised with stamps from my friend Gin’s shop One Passing Moment in Charlton.

Each bag was filled with two treats and a gingerbread man on top. The team did indeed go nutso. Sugar comas couldn't have happened to a nicer group of people.


  1. We LOVED them Em! What a clever little cookie you are! Mmmm, cookies... Sorry, got distracted. Thanks again! (Loving the blog) x

  2. Thanks Jacdav! Super simple to do. Easy to give nice gifts to you guys!