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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Du Nord

It's easy to get stuck in a bar-rut. After work of a Friday, I head to one of two destinations. The first bar is approximately 20 metres from my desk. The second is a whole block away and situated underground for maximum stale air content and minimum phone reception. That's why, when my friend Jacquie suggested trying Du Nord, I jumped at the chance.

The bar is decked out in a nordic (no, really?) design: blonde wood, clean lines, low lights and exposed brick. Why am I so obsessed with exposed brick? Seriously, the day I inspected our new house and saw the walls, I knew it must be mine - all mine!

The food menu is brief to say the least. But no matter, the place across the road dishes up some of the best pizza in the CBD. It's a pretty sweet deal - tee up a table with the waiters and they'll pop over to let you know when your table is ready.

Drinks and service were fantastic. Each time I've been, my maximum wait at the bar was around 30 seconds and although it's not standard here, table service was provided. They make a mean apple cocktail with fresh juice and vodka but my drink of the night was a Hills pear cider - a cracker of a drink for the 32 degree evening we visited.

Du Nord has not only made it onto my regular rotation now but it's inspired me to check out a few new place around the city. And I may even walk more than 20 metres to find them.

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