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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pistachio custard in green egg shells

pistachio custard

So you've seen the glory that is pink egg shells. Today we have green - it's like the adult version. Totally way more mature, this green variety. Ok so maybe the shells are a touch childish, but I can guarantee you the custard inside will kick butt.

I'm not sure about you, but my favourite nut is the pistachio. I brought home a packet for a Christmas treat one year (I know, so generous). I poured a bowl and sat them next to my Dad and wandered back into the kitchen. I heard behind me "CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH." I turned around to see Dad with his face screwed up. "Emma, these are disgusting". Yep, they certainly are disgusting with the shells on...

pistachio custard
pistachio custard

Pistachios are incredibly good for you, in theory. Filled with protein, antioxidants and minerals, they're a little nugget of goodness. Of course, you better hope and pray you only have a small handful available to you at a time. They're chocablock full of calories and once you've started, you will not stop.

Which leads me to persian fairy floss. How cute is this stuff? It's also pretty calorific, but I feel like it's 90% air, so won't make a dent in your daily allowance. Right? Surely. It's a little different to run-of-the-mill floss. It's less melty and is kinda creepy in the way it looks like hair. Tasty, tasty hair. I've used it on cakes before, as a little cloud for a rose to sit atop. So sweet.

Now, if you've read yesterday's instructions for pink egg shells, you can follow those instructions for the green. Do try to dye the shells all at the same time. If you don't not only do you have to swap out the shells every couple of hours, but you have to manage to NOT break them for at least ten. Nigh on impossible for ol' klutzy Bennetto. One shell didn't live to see it's custard filling. Poor little guy. He never stood a chance.

Pistachio custard ingredients

4 egg yolks
400ml milk
1/2 tsp vanilla paste
1/2 cup caster sugar
1/4 cup cornflour
25g butter
200g shelled pistachios, plus 5 extra for decoration

pistachio custard

Heat the milk and vanilla over a low heat until simmering.

Meanwhile, whisk together the egg yolks and caster sugar until slightly pale. Add the cornflour and whisk until smooth.

Add one third of the milk to the egg mixture and whisk to combine.

Pour the mixture into the remaining milk in a saucepan and return to the heat. Whisking continuously, return to the boil. Switch off the heat and divide into thirds. You wcan use two of the bowls for other flavoured custards, or use to fill profiteroles - delicious! Cover the two you are not using with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

pistachio custard

In the meantime, pour your pistachios into a food processor and blend until a rough paste is formed.

While still hot, add the pistachios and stir to combine. Push through a fine sieve. Allow the mixture to cool and pour into a piping bag.

Pipe the mixture into the egg shells and top with a single pistachio.

Display on persian fairy floss.

pistachio custard

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  1. I remember that cake... for my last aussie birthday! It was stunningly beautiful! Will go down in history as best cake ever* with all that faiiry floss! Until you make another one that is. :)

    *Apart from my childhood womens weekly tiger face cake. Kids eh?