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Friday, 28 June 2013

Strawberry and custard tartlette

Strawberry and custard tartlette

The final tartlette to round out our trio of pastry treats.

This is simplicity, tartified.

More suited to summer but we all need a bit of fresh zing in our lives, even in the depths of winter. By the way, did I mention my tulips are peaking their noses out of the soil? I musta looked crazy, staring nose to dirt squealing and clapping my hands at the ground. But it may explain my obsession with warmer seasons.

These little strawberries were shipped down from Queensland - the season's first. I opened the lid and that distinctive strawberry smell started floating out. My guilt about buying strawberries completely out of season was beginning to subside. But then, guilt over fruit purchases has never really kept me up at night.

Again, the pastry workhorse creme patisserie has come up trumps in this little combo. Crunch from the pastry, sweet firm fruit and creamy custard filling. Life don't get any better unless it's served by a shirtless fiance. And he's trimmed his rug.

Strawberry and custard tartlette
Strawberry and custard tartlette

But seriously, creme patisserie is my secret shame, my crazy crack habit. I find myself scooping spoonfuls in the middle of the night, working it into every recipe possible. Jaffles with a side of creme patisserie - you've never lived!

But there is a more romantic reason for this recipe. Matt's not a dessert man, but when I add strawberries, his eyes bulge out of their sockets and he goes quiet. They're his thang. Given these were intended for the engagement party, I knew they had to hit that gluttonous nerve.

So the tart story is over for now. I guess the moral of the story is after you've whipped up the shells (or, ahem, bought them) you can fill them with pretty much anything. Whatever's in season, or not so much.


1/3 tartlette shells made earlier this week
Creme patisserie from earlier this week
250g strawberries, hulled and halved

To assemble the tartlettes, fill the shells with creme patisserie and top with a strawberry half (or third, depending on how much you're scrimping and saving).

Strawberry and custard tartlette

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