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Sunday, 14 July 2013

We need a chat

Oh my god, how ominous is that title? Whenever anyone drops the word "chat" in a sentence, my blood pressure starts to rise and I imagine all the things I could have done to grind their gears in the last 6 years. Have I forgotten to send an email? Did I leave the milk out overnight? Hair clumped in the drain again? Or have I forgotten a birthday for the third year running. Normally, all of the above.

Nope, this chat is more of the "reigning it in" variety. I've been blogging pretty much five days a week since I started in December last year, trying to get a heap of content on the site. And it's been crazy fun. I've learned a bucketload about how this all works and have loved every challenge that's come along. Like I said, it's been a hoot.

But recently, I've struggled to get content up every day, and I think it shows. I want to become a better writer, a better designer, a better photographer, and most of all, a better cook. But I haven't left myself any time to develop these skills because I'm too busy chasing my tail.

Over the last fortnight, I've been sick with no less than three ailments: back spasms, strange stomach cramps and a killer flu that lasted seven days. I'm guessing I had a little too much on my plate. I’m still trying to kill the last remnants of this cough. My buddy Jacquie has given me a home remedy involving Vicks Vapour Rub smeared over my feet, covered with socks overnight. It’s either a fabulous cure or the world’s most brilliant prank. I’m still not sure which.

I think I'll be better in the long run to cut down to around 3 days a week. I'm shooting for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That leaves me the inbetween days to fiddle with the site, play with the design. I'll still cook like a madwoman and you'll still get to see the finished product. But hopefully what I present will begin to be a little more polished. Baby steps, though.

Over the next few weeks, I'm planning a little redesign here. If you've got any feedback about what works and what needs tweaking, please leave a comment or send me an email. I also welcome any recipe suggestions you'd like me to try: happy to have a go (and hopefully do your old favourites justice).

So, chats aren't all that bad. A little less frequent Emma lovin', but hopefully a better time over all. Quals over quants, yah?

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