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Monday, 24 June 2013

Engagement party: the food and more

Engagement party

This weekend we had a little do to celebrate our engagement. Given our teeny little flat was the venue, we had only about 30 friends and family. Matt's work schedule is a little crazy and there was no weekend that would work really well for anyone. One day we just picked a date and three weeks later we were hosting a party in our living room.

My mum came to Melbourne three days ahead of time to help me prepare. She did such a fantastic job baking for me: I would write a list each day, go to work and when I walked through the doors each night, my chores for the day were miraculously finished. It was as though the baking fairies had broken in, baked, did the dishes and disappeared before I came home. What a lady.

The food was months in the making: before we'd even set a date for the party, I was conjuring up recipes to serve to my lovely friends on the night. Hors d'oeuvres need to be substantial enough to mop up the free-flowing booze, but small enough to be eaten in two bites. No one needs wagyu burger walked into their carpets, especially in a rental.

Over the next week, I'll pass on some special recipes from the big night. We enjoyed a range of dishes, all small in a size but big in flavour. I had a couple of friends with dietary restrictions so you'll pick up some gluten and lactose free dishes to whip out at your next dinner party.

Engagement party

Desserts were abundant, as all good desserts should be. We loaded a table up with bits and pieces for people to load up their plates with. At one stage, my buddy Andrew was helping himself to a plateful of goodies. Mum approached him with an offer for plastic wrap, assuming he was taking it home. Embarrassed, he responded "No, I'm just going back to the couch to eat these." He didn't even bother to pretend he was sharing.

The food was only part of the celebration, of course. We had amazing artwork on display from my very talented mother (I like to think I inherited her multitude of talents, but really I just know how to gussy up a cake), gorgeous Edison-style string lights from my beautiful brainy brother, platters and glasses from Matt's family and friends and free-flowing champagne from two of my very generous friends.

We made a very short speech on the night and of course thanked my Mum for helping us put on the show. But I should have perhaps mentioned that my main man has been incredible to me recently. I've experienced a rough patch of late and he's been so solid, so dependable, so understanding. He makes it very easy to be sure about marriage.

I swear, I'll be back to my normal, sarcastic self shortly. You people need to stop being so nice - you're sucking my will to tease!

Engagement party


  1. I stand by my decision to load up my plate. T'was delicious!

  2. Wish I was there! Miss you lovely people. Im sure you had a great night, and Im looking forward to reading more about it! x