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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sorry for the radio silence

I've been a runny-nosed mess over the last coupla days. A sweaty maiden in a sea of tissues. Impersonating at least three of the seven dwarves: Sleepy, Sneezy and Dopey. If my couch were an airplane seat, I'd be in London by now.

As a consequence, there's been no baking in the Bennetto household. Day 1 I ate sensibly: porridge, veggie soup and a chilli pasta for dinner. Loads of water. It did nothing so I decided my Day 2 diet would be cheezels and orange juice. I'll admit it: I feel worse: salty, and like a layer of skin has been scrubbed from my mouth. Gorgeous.

I went to my doctor. It was that obligatory visit when you know going to work will be a write off, but you need a certificate. A virus, hopefully coming to an end. A day or two of romantic comedies, trash magazines and tissues on the couch and I will be fine.

So the posts will resume shortly. In the meantime, I wish everyone the best on both sides of the world. Hayfever season and flu season are in full swing. Live long and prosper, babes.

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