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Friday, 5 April 2013

Best. Salad dressing. Ever.

Salad dressing

I'm trying to be organised. Really I am. I've picked up my floordrobe. My bag is packed the night before and gym gear is always clean and ready to go. I've stocked up on razor-blades so my leg hairs don't exceed a couple of inches before I remember to shave. This preparation has given me a sense of calm and coordination that doesn't come naturally, but sure feels great.

The key to my organisational success lies in one tiny little jar. Every night after our evening meal, I whip up a salad for lunch. After around 5 minutes of chopping, it's salad dressing time. There's nothing worse than a dry salad, except maybe a limp one. What makes a salad limp? Pre-dressing. I don't have many rules in the kitchen, but no pre-dressing is an exception to my no-rule rule.

This dressing combines pretty much all of my favourite things: anchovies, cornichons, shallots, oil and vinegar. The best of the best? Mustard. Matty and I go through a good couple of jars each month. Our latest is the Dograpper. I was a bit stressed it would be too hot (yep, I stress about all the important things, like mustard heat). But this has just the right amount of kick the dressing needs.

To address the pre-dressing situation, I filled up some cute little jars with the dressing and gave it a good shakin' once I'm ready to get dressed. The salad was salty and tart with a lovely mustardy kick. The dressing goes best with a crunchy fresh salad: I popped it on carrots, snow peas, celery, cucumber and spinach leaves with a little leftover roast chicken.

Salad dressing

Now, each of these ingredients is liable to offend. I know many people who screw up their noses at anchovies. Cornichons are little baby pickles: in cheeseburgers, they win the award for most despise addition. Raw shallots and a spicy mustard round out the list of funky ingredients. It's weird: four wrongs must make a right because this is stuff is the bomb diggity.


1 cornichon
2 anchovies
1/2 small shallot
1 tsp mustard
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
2 tbsp olive oil
pinch pepper

Slice cornichon and anchovies thinly. Dice shallots finely. Add all ingredients to a jar and shake until thick.

Salad dressing

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